Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 1, 2010

What makes us happy?

My thought for the day. Well, not my thought obviously, because it’s a quote. But it has me thinking.

“Health comes of a happy heart. The things that make us happy are clean air, fresh water, sunshine, walking, whole fresh foods, good relationships and having something to be passionate about. Those are the things we need to embrace.” Don Tolman

At the end of the day, the rest of the crap the world throws at you doesn’t matter. Does it?

I am leaving my desk to go and put a load of washing on. And in half an hour I will get my quota of fresh air as I hang it out. We didn’t get the mail last night, so my walk will be going out for a wander to get it.

Then I’m walking to the chook house for some eggs for lunch. You can’t get fresher than that. Washing it down with a big glass of cold rain water. Then I’m going to sit in the sun for longer than necessary with my cat on my lap.  Ok, then I’m coming back to the office to get on with the real world.

But I’ll be happy 🙂




  1. Don Tolman and you have brightened my day, thanks.

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