Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | May 4, 2010

Off the beaten track…. again

Any chance to “go for a wander” is always received gratefully by yours truly whether it be on foot or driving.

There are a number of my blogs that talk about turning down a road you’ve never taken before or taking the time to stop at places you’ve always just driven past.

Yesterday, instead of sitting on my backside reading my book while the kids were at piano practice in Waipawa, I decided a walk was in order – a walk down a stop bank next to a river I have driven over hundreds of times.

So that’s what I did.

And it was lovely.

It took me 15 minutes there and 15 back along the stopbank of the Waipawa River and down a little cutting past an old shed to the river. 

I could have gone further but Lachlan wanted to go for a walk too. So 15 minutes there and 15 back again.

And it was lovely.

I think I’ll turn left onto the stopbank instead of right next week.

A path down to the river





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