Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | April 26, 2010

Another Anzac Day

Lest We Forget.

Someone admitted to me yesterday they hadn’t taken their kids to an Anzac Day service for a few years. Shame on you. We all need reminding how horrible war is, how many New Zealanders and others were killed in war and their sacrifice and how the nation felt about it should never be forgotten, or we might end up having to go through it again.

Hats off to the Takapau and Districts RSA and Andy Kells for another good turnout at Takapau. On a lighter note, they should warn people with babies when the guns are going to be fired. It was almost comical when it should have been sombre… Bang. Silence. Half a dozen crying babies scattered throughout the crowd.

And a brickbat too. If you’re not going to attend an Anzac Day service that is your choice. JUST DON’T DRIVE PAST A SERVICE BEING HELD ON THE ROADSIDE! It is so rude and disrespectful, not to mention noisy and distracting. In Takapau’s case, there were alternative routes that would have only taken an extra two minutes of people’s time. 

Coverage of Gallipoli looked very emotional on TV. I hope I get there one day. Being at Anzac Cove or Chunuk Bair – anywhere on the peninsula – on Anzac Day would be like standing on the fields of Culloden for those of Scottish descent. It is such a huge part of the nation of NZ today – we must make sure all those moving into Godzone are told of the importance of days like Anzac Day.

Lest We Forget.

Condolences to the families of the three Airforce personnel killed in the Iroquois accident near Wellington. So young.



  1. 1st year without Grandad Sonny marching So instead my cousin Tyler and Tessa marched at the front with Grandads medals and Libby loved all the singing. Was one of the biggest turn outs Omakau have had in ages, all the younger generations not wanting to forget what heros our grandparents were.

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