Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | January 6, 2010

The coolest thing….

Gardening is not one of my strong points. In fact, it is not even a weak point. Usually it is non existent.

But this year I have been behaving myself and not only have I planted five tomato plants, six lettuces, some leeks, cucumber, zucchini and strawberries…. but they’re all still alive! Touch wood quickly.

Now roses are a different story. The only roses to grace a vase in my house have been grown somewhere else. But imagine my surprise to find the three roses I do have flourishing quite nicely despite my lack of care and attention (possibly, no, probably BECAUSE of my lack of care and attention).

One was a yellow rose that Thomas bought me one year – I always used to give my friend Tracie yellow roses to remember her brother and my friend, Brendon, who died in a car accident on the night of my 21st birthday. One is a red rose called In Loving Memory given to me by Tracie’s parents when my Dad died (I gave Lynne and Ken one when BJ died). They both are covered with buds and look to be preparing for a great show of colour.

The third, I had completely forgotten about (as opposed to feeling guilty when I walk past the others for not doing more to look after them). 

The house across the road has a wonderful rose garden courtesy of the former owner.  When the tenant moved out, she asked me to take one of the roses she had put in, as she was moving to another house with heaps of roses (sucker for punishment?)

It is a dusky pink colour. That was in the first six months we were here and in the intervening four and a half years, the neighbouring trees (don’t ask me what they are) have overgrown the little forgotten rose.

I was looking for a mislaid golf ball in the shrubbery this morning (practising my chipping) when I glanced upon this little rose stem going up and up and up – in search of sunshine.

And I had to share it.

The effort it takes to soak in sunshine



  1. Too darn wet down in Sth Otago for gardening and lawnmowing tipped out 10 mls on Monday from the weekend and 15 mls this morning but did manage to shore up spuds in kids gardens yesterday . Just trying the vege garden thing for the 1st time have got spuds.lettuces & pumpkins(everywhere)carrots &parsnips in 3 raised plots, had to get tractor & rotary hoe in to rip up lawn to plant extra spuds kids bought @ warehouse they doin good also .

  2. kate you best get your secatuers out and cut back the trees so the rose has half a chance, and it will also make finding the stray golf balls easier!!

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