Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | December 15, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Like everyone, the build up to Christmas has been a tad busy in the Taylor household.

There have been several comments about the lack of blogs on my part in the past few days so here I am to rectify it. But I can’t talk for long – it’s the last day of school! (Disclaimer: when have you ever known me to shut up and get on with my work?)

Do you remember the days when you would bring a little white sealed envelope home for your parents to read – arrgh – the dreaded REPORT.  My two girly swots (I mean that in the nicest possible way)couldn’t wait for us to open them – they knew they’d be good and they were (but nice to see the teacher feels the same about Sarah’s desk as I do about her bedroom – lol).

Sidetrack – for those non texters, lol is short for laugh out loud. Rofl means rolling on the floor laughing. I like them!

And no absences for the year for either of them – awesome!  I’m sure we used to wag more than that at primary school. Although having said that, my nosy personality is such that I couldn’t stand to miss a day of school when I was older because I was convinced some earth-shattering or amazing event would happen and I would miss it!!! Adrenalin junkie, as my friend Rachel calls me.

Do parents feel like it’s the end of a little era when their children leave a classroom? I have been dealing with Mrs M for three years now and it will be weird not to have a connection with Room 4. But I guess I felt the same way after three years with Mrs O in Room 6. You get over it.  Look out Mrs F in Room 2, here we come!

Where was I? The build up to Christmas. Yes. I think we love to hate it. You can say no to things just by saying sorry, have something else on – and you really mean it! A pet hate though is when someone says yes to something then bails cos they get a better offer, but that can happen anytime. If it was good enough to say yes to in the beginning – stick with it!

Jamie Mackay’s Farming Show on the radio was blessed to have my company yesterday (lol) to talk about Christmas.

You can hear it here: actually no you can’t, because I can’t manage to get the right link or upload or download or something so feel free to go to  and have a listen to yesterday’s blabber from me.

We talked about Christmas, more on that tomorrow as I have just received an Statistics NZ email about the cost of Christmas dinner, and also on the Young Farmer Contest (I do some media work for them).

The 2010 Contest grand final will be in Gore, which is dear to Jamie’s heart (and mine cos I will hopefully be able to send my children on a South Island mid-winter visit to their cousins in Tapanui!). But the news yesterday was that Masterton, two hours  down the road from where I live now, will be host to the 2011 grand final.

The team will be ably assisted by good friend Paul McGill, a two-time grand finalist, who will be spending most of next year on a Nuffield Scholarship (so his spare time has been trashed for the next few years!)

Commiseration must go to Napier though, the hometown of 2007 winner Callum Thomsen and home to my last club Eskview.

Right, I have gone from having no blogs lately to one of the longest in the history of rivettingkatetaylor. Hope it you were still “rivetted” to your seat for the duration…..

Ho ho ho.




  1. rivitting as usual!

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