Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 27, 2009

The second coming….

I think I have witnessed the closest thing NZ will experience to the second coming. Not who you’d think though… Tamati Coffey’s journey into the provinces.

Moths to a flame. Children to Tamati. Celebrity status in godzone.

TVNZ’s Breakfast programme with weather presenter Tamati and regional reporter Matty were in Dannevirke this morning on Tamati’s great coffee road trip around the country.  Tamati is better known to teenagers as a former presenter of What Now and better known to non-Breakfast viewers as the latest winner of Dancing with the Stars.

My two had been looking forward to seeing him all week (much to my disgust at 6am this morning) so off we went (wasn’t impressed with having a McMuffin at that time of the morning either although the hash brown was good).

Every time Tamati moved there was a crowd silently following.

You know that rhythmic gymnastics with the ribbon and the ribbon flows wherever your hand takes it – that’s Tamati with his adoring fans. And yes, we flocked too. Yes, we asked for photos. Yes, we had McDonalds for breakfast. And yes, we were late for school.


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