Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 9, 2009

Racing sheep and chucking bunnies

Just a few weeks ago there was a story about a dead rabbit throwing contest being canned in the South Island because the SPCA said it wasn’t teaching our children the right treatment of animals.

A few years ago Hastings was going to have a Running with the Rams event in the centre of the city. But due to those polticially correct losers, it was deemed too mean on the sheep and cancelled.

But “Meet the racing Baa Blacks – they’re highly prized, well trained and have busy schedules,” says an article on the stuff website.

Twenty sheep make up David Cone’s racing contingent, which tours fundraising events around the South Island. The main objective of sheep racing is to hold the winning number (usually 1500 tickets sold at $2 apparently) as several brightly clad sheep fly out of the starting gate, along a fenced course and cross the finishing line.

My squash club had a games night fundraiser this year, which included tiddlywinks (seriously cool when you’ve had a few), darts, bowls, black jack and slater racing. Now that’s a fun game. There are odds offered as to which way the slaters will escape – like 10-to-one through the small gap but two-to-one out the large gap. Just as exciting as horse racing, you don’t have to worry about Fashion in the Field and there’s no… clean up!




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