Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 28, 2009


Yesterday’s to-do list while in town was a master of alliteration – curtains, chemist, clappers…

Once the first three were down on paper I just had to keep going!

The curtains were the heart attack for getting a quote for curtains for our new window in the living room. Seven hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!! The window itself only cost $400 on Trade Me.

The chemist was to get the kids their chewy animal-shape multi vitamins 🙂

The clappers, well. These are those things you wave up and down and they clack. Only they’re hands, so they’re clappers?  We have a netball breakup this weekend and my secret santa present is for a player who always claps her hands at you calling for a pass into the goal circle. Can I find these clappers in Waipukurau? No. Can you believe the cheapee shop sold out of them last week? Why do other people buy clappers?!

 Hopefully Thomas will have more luck at the WareWhare today.

I’ve forgotten what all the other Cs were in my list yesterday so you’ll have to spend the day wondering what they were!

Speaking of c words, the carpet layers are here again today. They were supposed to finish yesterday but we didn’t have enough lining (that’s a funny story cos Thomas swore there was enough out in the garage for the new master bedroom – I will get some good mileage out of that!)

And Bob the Builder’s back. He’s putting the thinline down on the floor so the lino can be put down this afternoon. Hurrrrrrrrrrrrray – we move into the extension tonight with any luck.

And it has to be tonight cos we’re away netballing, McDonaldsing, 10-pin bowling, prize giving, out for dinnering and a tad bit of drinking tomorrow.

Nice peaceful time might be in order on Sunday… with a sleep in and lots of coffee.


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