Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | March 26, 2009

where’s the week gone

It has been almost a week since I was tucked up in bed watching American Idol with my lap top on my knees. And what a week.

Saturday was tennis in Dannevirke, Sunday was spent demolishing half of the lean-to on the back of the house, I actually did some work on Monday, school trip to a mushroom farm and a garden centre on Tuesday (Happy Birthday Dad), golf on Wednesday (followed by kids tennis, Sarah’s piano lesson and my netball practice), more work on Thursday and tennis last night (slash/this morning – early hours – it was a good one).

And we now have a working bathroom (no pictures yet). Hurray! That’s a good thing because the old bathroom is gone!

the old bathroom
the old bathroom


the old bathroom now!

the old bathroom now!

Bob the Builder (Alex, really) hard at work

Bob the Builder (Alex, really) hard at work

So the kids had a scrap about who had the first shower in the new bathroom, but we’re still brushing our teeth in the kitchen because the vanity’s not in yet (we’re a t the mercy of the plumber).

And so far, it has all been great. Apart from the dust, which is just making friends with the rest of the dust in my house, there haven’t been any problems. Notwithstanding nails in my shoes x3 (only one got blood).

I’m off to Napier today to see a bride and groom. Wedding at the Eskdale Church tomorrow.  Hope it’s fine (and she has a short veil if it’s windy!)


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