Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | February 19, 2009

Another Contest underway

District Finals have been taking place since the start of the year, but The National Bank Young Farmer Contest gets the attention today because it was the official launch in Palmerston North.

Attended by sponsors, Young Farmers and Manawatu important people, as well as Jim Hopkins (not sure which category he falls into) and media, which is my forte as I am media liaison person. Or Media Kit if you look at today’s name tag.

A test drive of a new Hyundai might be on the cards cos they’re the new sponsor – I told one of them my mode of transport is a 10-year-old Honda Accord that’s waiting to die and he offered to help it along!  (Good lesson for the day – pronunciation ha-yune-dee not high-yunn-day – don’t go to the phonetics police though.)

And Lincoln University came in for a bit of stick too – given Palmy is home to rival Massey University.

Then there’s Ravensdown, Mr Hubby’s company, Echo, AGMARDT, Swanndri, Honda… there you go, got most of them in here now.  I can’t be bought.. but I am proud of my association with Young Farmers and with the Contest.

So .. busy busy writing a little story for the launch press release. Then bed! Here’s hoping my windows are shut or the lights turned off or it’s not going to be very pleasant sleeping with thousands of other little bodies. Well, little bodies. Saying other  little bodies would assume I had one!

Another deadline looms tomorrow but good headway has been made on that one.

Then there’s housekeeping. Did I tell you already that Mr Hubby, alias Board of Trustees chairman, invited the board, teachers and other staff for a gathering here tomorrow night and then told me he was away all week?  Doesn’t he know some of us are lazy around here at the best of times. I mean busy. Busy around here…..


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