Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 20, 2008

It’s just not cricket.

What a load of bollocks. Political correctness drives me nuts. Oh, am I referring to a man’s private parts? someone could be offended by that. Bonkers then. Whoops. Mental health officials won’t like the connotations of that one.

It’s all white here.

The Dunedin slogan about wearing cricket whites – a white out – does any pakeha (sorry, person of European descent) get offended whenever the All Blacks have a black out? Should the All Blacks name be changed to “All Colours Because We Are A Pathetic Politically Correct Nation That Doesn’t Like Standing On Anyone’s Toes”?

The Otago cricket campaign has been dubbed a ‘racist slur’ by some people because that is how it would be seen by the West Indies team members (who I assume are mostly black – and does that also assume there are no brown faces in the Black Caps like Ross Taylor or Jeetan Patel to name two high-profile players off the top of my head).

Racist or not (I pick not) at the very least it has given cricket some publicity. Hands up if you knew before this story hit the news headlines that the West Indies will play the Black Caps in Dunedin from December 11 to 15.

A poll showed opposition to the Dunedin slogan. Last night, 18.2 per cent of the 615 votes cast thought it was appropriate, 31% said it was not, and 50.7% opted for the answer “Has someone lost their mind?”


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