Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | November 4, 2008

We’re so popular

Why do weekends go from being empty to having too many things to go to?

We were looking forward to a couple of quiet weekends after a few busy weeks. But then hubby came home with an invitation to a 40th that we both were delighted to accept and a babysitter was duly organised.

Then something in the deep recesses of my mind reminded me we already had a family Guy Fawkes invitation to a barbecue on Friday night. What to do?

The first invitation accepted is always the rule of thumb. But it was accepted by one half of us!

Maybe we’ll try to do both. Thomas can go one way and I’ll go the other. We’ll sit on the couch together on Saturday night.

One thing we won’t be doing is watching the election results come in. The dribble and nonsense that has come out of the mouths of the people who supposedly run our country in the past few weeks has been enough to drive anyone crazy.  I haven’t missed the six o’clock news so many times since my OE.

And on tonight’s bulletin….. click. Thank goodness for Just Shoot Me and Friends on TV2.

At least on news websites you make your own choices about which stories you read.

Having said all that, we will be voting on Saturday. It is time for change and I am so tired of Helen’s lot telling me how to live my life.  I just hope National gets enough votes to not have to bow down to the intricacies of the minorities (don’t you love MMP).

And bye bye Winston.

There were three options of an opinion poll on the website – made up your mind who you will vote for, haven’t made up your mind or not voting.  Of the 5000-ish people who had voted in the poll at that stage that 1500 were not going to be voting! Astonishing.

Now the television may get turned off in our house when the news comes on, but we know what the issues are and where the parties stand on them.  How apathetic to sit by and watch an election take place without having your say.

NZ is fortunate to have such a wonderful democracy. Imagine if we didn’t have a choice.


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