Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | September 22, 2008

Nothing to say today… but I’ll say it anyway

Life is lovely. 

The sun is shining, the washing is on the line, kids are at school and my first run (jog, partial walk, pant, pretend to do up the shoelaces moment) of the season is done and dusted – even if the breathing has only just slowed and I’ve been back for more than half an hour.

Running on cold winter mornings has never appealed, so it’s only right that one assumes netball, squash and golf is enough to keep fit over winter. But oh, the burning. Obviously selfishly playing goal shoot all season (look out Irene) has levelled my arteries a bit. Maybe coach should have thrown me out to goal attack occasionally too.

What a wonderful win for the Silver Ferns the other night after a loss first time around. Go NZ for the decider. My thoughts for Ruth the coach? Keep Irene at shoot. And don’t give Casey Williams any more berocca. That woman has energy. She is amazing. Intercepts by the dozen (if only we could always convert them into goals…)

You know the movies where basketballers have springs in their shoes or magic shoes – I want what she’s wearing.  Netball in Waipukurau would never be the same.

The umpiring left a little to be desired at times but we won’t go there – being an umpire myself and prone to a little bitching from the sidelines. It’s not nice.

Umpiring has really helped my netball – except for when you try things you know are allowed in the rules only to get pulled up by an umpire who doesn’t know what she’s doing and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it… except give her “the look”.

Just hope the wind doesn’t change. Lachlan was fed that line the other day. He made a whinge/sulky face and was told he would stay like that if the wind changed. He thought about it long and hard.

He also looked at a cut on his finger the other day and asked me how much blood he had in his body and if he didn’t put a plaster on, how long it would take for it all to drip out!

On the speaking gooder-England topic, (that’s worser, aye Mum) Lachlan actually asked “how much litres of blood”. One thing they’ve been getting wrong a lot lately has been many and much – like how many biscuits and how much cake. They’re starting to get it. Like less cake but fewer people. Like management is but the bosses are. Plural/Singular.

Some people just don’t get it.

It’s hard being as perfect as me. Not.

Well if that’s nothing to say, I’ve said it.


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