Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 26, 2008

Golf and girls weekends

Guilt is weighing heavily on me this morning.

All these people around the country who are struggling to cope with yet another deluge of rain and I’m annoyed I have to go and play golf in it. That’s selfish isn’t it. I’m undecided whether to go and get wet. I do have work to do and my office is significantly warmer than the great outdoors today. And my handicap has dropped 10 in the past six months and I don’t really want a weather-related blowout to ruin it (I have enough handicaps of my own).

Welcome home to the NZ Olympians and well done to Wesley Gough for getting his bronze medal along with the rest of the track cycling team. He put a lot of work and CHB put a lot of fundraising into his Olympic dream and it’s wonderful to see it recognised (he rode in the first one or two races and then was replaced, understandably, by silver medallist Hayden Roulston).

Yesterday I mentioned I was in Wellington for a girls weekend when the twins won their gold medal. I have been meaning to tell you about my wonderful antenatal group. Now I say that with a giggle, because it’s really a coffee group now as our #1 children are now eight years old.  We met one night a week for about six weeks before the births of our babies – 12 women who didn’t know each other from a bar of soap.

Since then, we have had a dozen more children added to the fold – the latest born earlier this year. Several families have moved out of the district including me from Napier to CHB. Three new families have been welcomed to the fold – thanks to having children the same age. 

We know each other pretty well – especially the birth stories! But no, the children are not the only topic of conversation. Although, come to think of it, we have solved many a problem for each other just by talking about things and relieved serious stress by making it clear to a harassed mum that she is not alone!

Seven of us went to Wellington for our annual girls weekend (we’ve gone to Taupo four times previously – usually coinciding with Father’s Day!) Four originals and three newbies ( I say with tongue in cheek because Ilsa has been around for about three years now).

It was great – Mexican and a nightclub on Friday night, shopping all day Saturday with numerous coffee stops (we are a coffee group after all). Mama Mia kept us wonderfully entertained – I have never seen so much spontaneous applause at a movie before! Monsoon Poon for tea (that’s the restaurant where we had the pleasure of telling everyone about the twins’ gold). Sunday was a drive around Oriental Parade/Lyall Bay etc, brunch at Astoria and negotiation of the Rimutakas before more coffee and more shopping in Greytown.

What a lovely weekend and lovely company.

I miss doing the coffee thing on a weekly basis (almost every Wednesday for seven years) but unfortunately the price of petrol and a falling handicap have made golf down the road look more appealing.

Except when it’s raining.



  1. loved it all kate, great read and funny too. keep it up!

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