Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | August 14, 2008

Sucking eggs with no porridge

Aha! I am not alone. Other people don’t know how to cook.

A poll of 1000 people found that one in 10 people  under 30 had never tried to poach an egg or make an omelet and 15 per cent had never scrambled an egg.

I can do all of those things! In fact, when told last night that Mummy would be doing all the cooking from now on (Daddy was joking… I hope) six-year-old Lachlan replied that he “might get a little sick of too many omelets”. Sarah was impressed with the number of times a week she’d get noodles.

Eggs are a staple part of the Taylor family diet – mainly because of the six chooks out in the chook house. They are free range inside their run and are also let out after school for a few hours. For a while we were missing one egg a day and we are convinced there are hundreds of eggs laid behind the shed somewhere (the pigs will have a ball the day we find them!)

Cooked breakfasts are the norm at our house on weekends. I don’t normally have the time to clean up one of hubby’s cooked breakfasts on a weekday but the kids love nothing better than bacon and eggs, “fried bread dipped in egg” or a Humpty Dumpty (boiled egg in egg cup with face drawn on it).

I grew up having cooked breakfasts most school days. Porridge followed by sausages, saveloys, eggs… but one thing I don’t make my children do is have porridge every morning (although Lachlan loves it and asks for it at leats once a week). Mum used to dish up the home-cooked porridge every single morning and me, being a stubborn little miss, turned my nose up and refused to eat it until Mum put the wooden spoon next to me and I had to. If only I had learned that porridge is so much nicer hot than cold and congealed. The lessons life teaches us.

if I was a teenager in today’s world, I would have told her she wasn’t allowed to hit me and I would have gone to school hungry, not learnt how to write and I wouldn’t be here. Oh, the what-ifs.

Note: I haven’t eaten porridge since the day Mum gave up trying to make me. Hehe. Sorry Mum. Love you.


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