Posted by: rivettingkatetaylor | July 26, 2008

Solar panels don’t work in the rain

There are definitely down points of being environmentally friendly – waiting for the water to heat up for my shower after getting absolutely soaked and chilled to the bone playing netball in a storm. Raining and cold. I guess we can be lucky it wasn’t windy too. 

We had the solar panel installed a few Septembers ago and while we don’t pay for any power for hot water in those sunny summer months, it is a different story in the winter months. Like now. But at least the fire was stoked up tight before netball beckoned and the house is warm (along with the coffee and cheese toasties we’ve been munching down on since getting home.

I guess waiting for a shower is a small price to pay for the overall benefits of sustainability. I interviewed a lady yesterday about sustainability and strategic thinking. Before you yawn, she got me thinking about how we make strategic decisions every day. It’s just that the ones she helps to make as a regional councillor are a lot more important! Deciding to have a go and the Norsewood/Takapau fun walk is a strategic decision. Deciding to get some training under the belt and physically putting on your shoes on the day all come down the track from the strategic decision.   

That was a great day – people of all ages could walk, run or cycle between the Central Hawke’s Bay townships of Norsewood and Takapau. My daughter, 8, cycled the 21km with her Dad in just over an hour while my son, 6, and I took half an hour longer but still finished. What a thrill for a parent to see their children decide to do something as major as that, then prepare and complete! Lachlan wasn’t even tempted when we passed the comfort of our home just 3km from the end.

And we even won a spot prize (mental note to water it).


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