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new life on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, this is the best place to go to get news from the writing world of Kate Taylor – communiKate.

I have been doing some writing for NZ Farmer (loving it!) and will put some links on here as soon as I lift my head to take a breath.


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My festive season thoughts have flown out the window as I think of my friend Bruce whose mother remains missing on their Hawke’s Bay farm.  May you find peace in some way in the coming days.  Big hugs.

Thoughts for all those missing loved ones in other ways this Christmas.

Look after each other and stay safe out there.

Until 2015,


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Homeopathy vs ebola?


Understatement of the year:

Green MP Steffan Browning says giving his support to a call for the World Health Organisation to deploy homeopathic remedies to combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was ‘probably pretty unwise’.

Just a little unwise?

Mr Browning this week signed a petition started by Australian Fran Sheffield which calls on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to “End the suffering of the Ebola crisis. Test and distribute homeopathy as quickly as possible to contain the outbreaks.” . . .

Asked whether he thought homeopathy could cure Ebola, Mr Browning said: “It’s not for me to go down that track at all.

The World Health Organisation, world health authorities are doing that.”

“They will be considering I hope absolutely every possible options to this very concerning disease.”

Asked whether that should include homeopathy, he said “Why not?”

“Internationally homeopathy is considered in some places.. I am…

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Prestigious Nuffield Scholars announced

A diverse group of rural New Zealanders has been chosen as the latest crop of Nuffield Scholars.

Nuffield New Zealand and Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy have announced the scholarships at a function in Wellington for West Coast dairy farmer Bede O’Connor; Woodville dairy farmer Ben Allomes; Rotorua-based DairyNZ regional leader Sharon Morrell; Whanganui farmer, entrepreneur and conservationist Dan Steele and Fonterra employee Satwant Singh from Morrinsville.

2015 Nuffield NZ Scholars - from left: Bede O'Connor, Sharon Morrell, Ben Allomes, Satwant Singh and Dan Steele.

2015 Nuffield NZ Scholars – from left: Bede O’Connor, Sharon Morrell, Ben Allomes, Satwant Singh and Dan Steele. Photo credit: Mark Coote.

The five new Scholars join more than 145 others who have been awarded Nuffield Scholarships in the past 60 years, which has been a substantial investment in New Zealand agriculture’s past, current and future leaders, says Nuffield NZ chairman Julian Raine.

“Only a handful are awarded each year so a Nuffield Scholarship is one of rural New Zealand’s most valuable and prestigious awards. To be a Scholar is a life-changing experience.”

The Nuffield NZ Scholarship offers the opportunity for overseas travel, study of the latest developments in a number of leading agricultural countries and provides an introduction to leaders and decision makers not accessible to the ordinary traveller.

One of the current 2014 Scholars is Palmerston North potato grower, agricultural contractor and equity dairy farmer Paul Olsen.

“It has been a brilliant experience for me, seeing other countries and a variety of cultures, mind boggling but also eye opening. New Zealand has a huge opening for the future, in terms of things like food proteins and niche products, it’s there for the taking. It’s a massive opportunity for us to take on the challenge.”

Olsen says the Nuffield name opened many doors.

“I visited some massive operations – people wouldn’t hold back. It was 100 per cent nuts and bolts business information you wouldn’t get any other way.”

He says the contacts made and networks formed will last a lifetime.

“I made some very strong contacts and friendships, especially through the UK, Ireland and Scotland. Many of them are coming to stay here in the next 18 months or so as well, either travelling individually or finishing their own Nuffield Scholarship travels.”

Nuffield Scholars travel internationally for at least four months in their Scholarship year (not necessarily consecutively), participate in a Contemporary Scholars conference with 60 Nuffield Scholars from around the world and attend a six-week Global Focus Programme with an organised itinerary through several countries with other scholars. They also have their own individual study programme with a research report due at the end of their travels.

The 2015 research topics are likely to cover issues such as the internal growth potential of China; recognising and utilising New Zealand’s greatest asset – its people; farming communities’ responses to changes in environmental regulations or other constraints; the potential of “Brand New Zealand” and how having communities involved in conservation will show value in looking after the environment; and farmer understanding of their financial and overall business health focusing around budgeting, risk management, stress levels for farmers, suicide levels and farming pressure.

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New face at New Zealand Farmer

Just a note to let you all know why I haven’t been on here recently….. because I have been busy, which is great for the mind and the bank balance, and also because the mighty Magpies won and kept retaining the Ranfurly Shield!! Photos below. But the real news is that I have taken on a fixed-term position (20 hours a week for minimum of six months or up to a year) for the NZ Farmer working under the talented Jon Morgan. Job sharing with Terry Tacon – my chief reporter from Herald Tribune days.  Looking forward to it!

me and the shield


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Love those All Blacks

This weekend the All Blacks came to Hawke’s Bay – beating the Pumas at McLean Park in Napier 28-9.

We usually have a lovely climate, but the past few weeks have been shite. So the All Blacks have only seen mist and drizzle and not the stunning Marine Parade in all it’s sunshine glory.

(Like me with New Plymouth. I’ve been there twice and I still don’t think Mt Taranaki exists – I’ve never seen it!)

So here are some pics of the family enjoying the festivities (but there are no photos of the streaker – why would you do that???!!!)

10492215_10204387732349363_804225197728539510_n 10610916_10204387731749348_8881623397022525710_n 10639525_10204387730989329_8541407545583792144_n photo 1 photo 3

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Watching Outlander…

Where have I been lately? Watching Outlander.

If you’re a fan – I just found this blog. Funny

If you’re not and you’re a woman… read Cross Stitch by Diana Galbaldon (otherwise known as OUtlander overseas) and prepare to never be the same again.

If you’re not and you’re a man… read Cross Stitch by Diana Galbaldon (otherwise known as OUtlander overseas) and prepare to never be the same again (with more understanding of what makes women “tick”

(Just a moment while I swoon in Jamie Fraser’s honour).

OKay, need longer than a minute. See you next time.


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CHB has spoken – Don’t Damn the Dam

CHB people gathered in Waipukurau in their droves this morning to support the proposed Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme. The dam.

I was going to say hundreds of people lined the streets, but I really have no way of quantifying how many people were there. Watch the news tonight – they might tell you. Suffice to say, in Kate terms, there were lots and lots.

Farmers, bankers, fertiliser reps, spreader drivers and two former regional councillors Ewan McGregor and Kevin Rose, who are probably secretly glad the decision is not up to them anymore.

There were tractors, utes, motorbikes, stock trucks and a few huntaways.

The rally was called Don’t Damn the Dam – organised by two local electricians who looked blown away by the level of support they had encouraged. Gavin Streeter and Shane Heaton are directors of Isaac’s Pumping and Electrical and took it upon themselves to show the grassroots backing for the project.

“The project has been bashed to pieces in the media with the coverage focusing on the Environmental Protection Authority and how councillors are voting. We want to take a different approach – this is a rally by the people for the people – the entire Hawke’s Bay community needs to get behind this and show their support in the face of the negative attention the process is receiving,” Mr Streeter said.

After clogging up the state highway system for a wee while, the vehicle possession (bigger than the annual Christmas parade but no Santa!!) parked up and the “green space” on “post office corner” was filled with claps and cheers for Mr Streeter and Mr Heaton, HB Federated Farmers president Will Foley and local fifth-generation farmer (and CHBDC district councillor) Andrew Watts. We also heard from someone from Timaru who had seen the growth in South Canterbury from the Opuha dam and resulting irrigation systems.

Have to go to school assembly soon for a gymnastics display… so here are some photos…. Actually, had to go to assembly… so now I have to start loading so I can do soccer pick up!!

rally ben allen rally main street rally main street tractor rally main street silage rally main street craig rally dam thrusters rally main street2 rally motorbike rally old rally pedersens rally pedersens2 rally placards3 rally placards2 rally placards rally placards kids rally photog rally Sh2 rally ute rally vehicle

speakers 3

Nice placement of the office there Craig 🙂 The speaker is HB Federated Farmers president Will Foley.


speakers Will

Hawke’s Bay Federated Farmers president Will Foley

Speakers 4

CHB businessman and district councillor Andrew Watts

speakers 2

Federated Farmers national vice president Dr William Rolleston from South Canterbury (home to the Opuha Dam)

speakers speakers placards

and last but not least, the two men who put their hands up and said “Don’t damn the dam”.


The two men who took it upon themselves to gather vocal support for the cause. Well done sirs... very well done.

The two men who took it upon themselves to gather vocal support for the cause. Well done sirs… very well done.




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Best. Purchase. Ever.

What is the best purchase you’ve ever made?

Crikey, too wide for a Thursday morning? Ok. Best item of clothing you have ever bought. It could be that dress that lasted you through weddings and 21sts and you’re now wearing to 50ths… or those jeans you wished you’d bought three pairs of once you had them worn in and comfy.

Mine would be a red polar fleece sweatshirt from Ezibuy. It was bought on sale when I was heavily pregnant with child #1 (now about to turn 14).  See below 🙂

me on the farm

me on the farm

It is wearing thin in the front (where I carry the eggs usually) and around the pocket (carrier of torch and pocket knife). It is an extra large (I ate for two) and now drapes quite easily over whatever I happen to be wearing at the time so I can run out to do farm chores or unexpected jobs at awkward times. It is especially great for carrying firewood which leaves all manner of crap on your clothes.

It has been used to catch wild kittens, carry eggs and wipe up messes (occasionally due to carrying the eggs and then the firewood at the same time…). It has even been used to tie gates together (took me a few weeks to figure out where it had gone next time I went to wear it, but the fresh air didn’t seem to do it any harm!)

My second favourite item at the moment, although it has only been worn this winter, is my new wee merino beanie (also pictured above). Daughter says it looks like I have lost all my hair underneath it. But boy is it warm. Thomas uses his on the bike to stop the sweat dripping into his eyes (sheez that stings!) I would wear mine to the gym but I keep thinking of Sarah’s comment lol.

I have shifted the break for the cattle, given the pigs some squash (and the pet sheep, which like it too!) put the chooks away (we were too late home last night, poor buggers), gone down to inspect whether this week’s easterly has done any damage to the stream banks (minor) and filled the wood basket. Hope Son appreciates that when he gets home as it is his chore!

Emptied 87mm out of the rain gauge. You know you’ve had a bit of rain when the wood wheelbarrow looks like this!


Stay dry!






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Future Silver Fern!

I’m not bias – she’s a friend’s daughter (and her big sister is an awesome player too!)

Here’s a copy of a wee article written for the local paper to try to boost some funding for Kelsy. 


After an outstanding 2013 netball season and a great start to 2014, Kelsy Hall from Takapau has been named in the Hawke’s Bay Year Eight representative netball team.

Kelsy is a year eight student at Takapau School, where she is a House Captain, and is a member of this year’s CHB Sports Academy.

Kelsy Hall, 12

Kelsy Hall, 12

Having played all her previous netball for Takapau School, last year was Kelsy’s first year being eligible for a representative side. She played in the 2013 Hawke’s Bay & Central Hawkes Bay Year Seven representative netball teams – for CHB Kelsy was named the team’s Player of the Tournament in four of their five tournaments. She also won the team’s trophy for best shooter and the Most Outstanding Player Trophy.

She was then selected into the Hawke’s Bay Netball Talent Identification Programme (TIPs) and participated in an extensive eight-week training regime.

Locally, it was also a great season. She was named Netballer of the Year (Most Outstanding Player) for her 2013 Takapau Intermediate A netball team and was awarded the 2013 CHB Netball Centre’s Best All Rounder Trophy (chosen from all CHB primary school/intermediate players).

Her coach through most of her early netball years has been her mother Sharee Hall, who also coaches the Takapau Netball Club’s senior teams.  Club president Michelle Lynch says the club members have been thrilled to watch the progression of the young players.

“The club sponsored Kelsy’s CHB rep fees last year and she has now joined the fold as our youngest playing member this season. She’s playing in our Senior 1 team, Takapau Aquila, while 14 year old big sister Liana just missed selection into the Hawke’s Bay Under-15 side and is playing with the premier team, Takapau Phoenix, alongside a current HB Under-15 rep player Briana Stephenson. They play with such skill and love of the game it’s hard to remember sometimes how young they are. They will all certainly be names to recognise in the future.”

Kelsy has also been a participant in interschool athletics, cross country and swimming and completed three Go-Kidz triathlons this year.  She was also junior girls champion at the Takapau Tennis Club in 2011, 2013 and 2014 (runner up 2012).

While it is huge recognition to be selected for Hawke’s Bay, the privilege also comes with huge costs.  Trainings are in Havelock North, the HB Yr8 subs are $345 each player and the team is scheduled to attend three tournaments. Kelsy also pays club and school netball subs and fees for the TIPs programme.

Kelsy generally trains seven days a week and is committed to giving every sport her best effort. She aspires not only to be a top level netball player but also to become an ambassador for sports helping to promote health and wellbeing.

Her family is looking for any Central Hawke’s Bay businesses prepared to give some financial backing to help Kelsy reach her goals and represent the district with pride.  Her main expenses are subs and travel, as well as making sure her shoes don’t wear out!

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